We are an independent group of psychologists dedicated to improving the reliability of psychology findings by raising our journals' reporting standards. We hope that our bottom-up grassroot initiative convinces journal editors to change editorial policies whereby the 4 categories of methodological details disclosed on this website become a required component of submitted manuscripts.

We're glad to report that the success of PsychDisclosure.org has influenced the journal Psychological Science to raise their reporting standards! Since January 1, 2014, all authors who submit a manuscript to Psychological Science must excplicitly confirm that they have disclosed all information covered by the 4 categories (see here and here for more details on Psychological Science's new submission guidelines).

Etienne P. LeBel (Lead)
Montclair State University

Courtney Tobin (Coordinator)
Montclair State University

Denny Borsboom
University of Amsterdam

Fred Hasselman
Radboud University Nijmegen

Roger Giner-Sorolla
University of Kent

Kate A. Ratliff
University of Florida

Colin T. Smith
University of Florida

Software Development:
Christian Battista (Web development and programming support)
Amanda Abado (Administrative help)

To contact us, please e-mail: curatescience@gmail.com

To send disclosure information for articles not covered by our initiative, please e-mail your disclosure information to:


Be sure to include the Journal Name, Issue Date (e.g., Nov 2012), all co-authors, and Title of your article and complete (and brief) answers to the 4 disclosure categories:

  1. We reported the total number of observations which were excluded (if any) and the criterion for doing so.
    Yes: ___ No: ___
    If no, please report this information here
  2. We reported all tested experimental conditions, including failed manipulations. Yes: ___ No: ___
    If no, please provide brief explanation for not reporting this information
  3. We reported all administered measures/items. Yes: ___ No: ___
    If no, please provide brief explanation for not reporting this information
  4. We reported (a) how we determined our sample size and (b) our data collection stopping rule. Yes: ___ No: ___
    If no, please describe (a) the basis for the sample sizes used and (b) how you decided to stop collecting data